Why You Should Not Be Using ChatGPT to Edit Your Resume

Aditi Sinha - Jan 2024

100 million people use ChatGPT on a weekly basis, and many of them use it to write or edit their resume. ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, providing easy access to one of the most powerful artificial intelligence models the world has ever seen. While there are millions of different use cases for ChatGPT, editing resumes with it -that are subjected to intricate algorithms and careful review by hiring managers and recruiters- is typically a waste of time.  

In theory, using AI to optimize your job search is very appealing. The modern job seeker knows how difficult it is to land an interview due to the presence of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and is desperate for any technology that will help optimize the process of personalizing their application. While there is a ton of potential here, ChatGPT is not going to get the job done. 

Why ChatGPT Sucks at Updating Resumes

Unreliable Results

ChatGPT is great at many things, but one of the fundamental flaws that OpenAI admits is that ChatGPT has a difficult time telling the truth. It turns out that being truthful is pretty important in the job search process. As you probably know, writing a resume requires you to be truthful about your past. If you lie on your resume, you are going to get found out in the interview and not get the job. That makes ChatGPT inefficient to write and edit your resume with. 

Rigorous Prompt Engineering

There is a way to improve ChatGPT to be closer to the truth, and that is with prompt engineering. Prompt engineering is the practice of designing inputs for generative AI tools that will produce optimal outputs. The issue here is you will spend all day trying to figure out how to instruct the AI, and still suffer from the occasional undesirable result.

Non-Downloadable Results

Even if you find a way to prompt ChatGPT yourself to be truthful and add keywords to your resume, you are then going to have to waste time by copying and pasting the text from ChatGPT into your resume, resaving the file, and applying to the job. Most editorials that are not pro-tech recommend spending a whopping 1.5hrs applying to each role. This is an incredibly manual process that is greatly inferior in comparison to other methods on the market. 

The Better Option

ATS rejects, on average, around 75% of job applications. A common request by job seekers is to optimize their resume with more keywords from the job description of the position they are applying for. These smart job seekers know that personalization is the only way to get past the ATS and want to use AI to do the hard work for them. Where they go wrong is by asking ChatGPT instead of a more sophisticated AI tool. 

This is where ResumeAI comes in. ResumeAI is a more powerful resume model than ChatGPT that is specifically trained to embed truthful keywords that match your work experience into your resume, increasing your chances of landing an interview. Its user-friendly interfaces allow for you to upload your resume as a PDF or DOCX file, paste the job description, and receive a completely revised and optimized downloadable DOCX resume within 20 seconds. This powerful tool saves time and delivers the keywords you need to stand out to the ATS.

You can try ResumeAI for free today and see for yourself just how many ATS optimizations it can find for your next application. 

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