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In the modern day, it is crucial you update your resume for every job you apply to. Companies have Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that use elementary algorithms to determine how qualified you are for their job, before it ever gets into the hands of a real human. Many of these algorithms are flawed and will deny you for a job you very well might be qualified for, simply because you missed a few highly valued keywords within your resume. For more details on the ATS, read this article.

ResumeAI is a highly advanced and well-trained AI model that is designed to be your secret weapon against the ATS, making your resume score far better for the jobs you desire. It takes into account only 2 variables, the context of the job description and your resume. In order for the model to have the highest probability of success, you must follow a few best practices:
Resume Content
Include at least 10 work experience related bullets on your resume that detail the accomplishments most relevant to the industry you are applying to
You should start most, if not all, bullets with action verbs. However, our model will likely fix it for you automatically if you don't
Within your work experience section, include honest quantifiable impacts as this will allow for the model to integrate more relevant keywords 
Job Description
Do not include the salary and benefits section of the job description
Take job descriptions directly from the company website. The company will have more detailed descriptions than third party sites
Cover letter template written by CoverLetterAIA robot editing resume, adding keywords and action verbs to enhance the resume and make it ATS friendly.

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