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82% of recruiters agree that you should personalize your resume for every application you submit.

Get more interviews. Let automatically optimize your resume for the ATS resume checkers.
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ResumeAI optimizes your resume to include more keywords from the job description, helping you impress the hiring manager and land more job interviews

Track Your Job Applications

Using ResumeAI will help you land more interviews quickly. Track your progress within JoyJobs.ai’s application tracker to see just how many more interviews you get with AI optimized resumes.

JoyJobs.ai’s job application tracker is your one stop shop for all of your prior resumes and cover letters, giving you a digital record of your job application journey.
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Save Time Optimizing

Leverage the power of our AI to take 30 minutes of hard work and compress it into 30 seconds of processing time.
Instead of using ChatGPT to update your resume, use JoyJobs.ai's custom AI model compare job description and resume for an ATS friendly resume
Save Time Optimizing
This pre-existing resume is not optimized for the ATS and has many opportunities for better grammar. ResumeAI will remove non relevant statements from your resume, leaving in only the most valuable information for the ATS and hiring managers 
The enhanced resume that ResumeAI delivers in an editable DOCX format is previewable through the ResumeAI software. It includes relevant keywords from the job description and improves the grammar to have more action verbs. These changes reflect well on your chances to land an interview

Master the Mission Statement

72% of hiring managers prefer to hire candidates with a mission statement on their resume. Impress the hiring manager with a personalized mission statement for every application.

Catch the attention of the hiring manager during their resume review with a personalized mission statement for every application with JoyJobs.ai.
Impress the Hiring Manager

Optimize Your Resume Score

Your ATS optimized resume will make you stand out among candidates, leading to more contacts from hiring managers and more interviews.
With just a click of a button, ResumeAI will increase your score, showing just how qualified you are for your next application!
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