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Our tools, ResumeAI and CoverLetterAI, are designed to help you as a career coach streamline your service offerings and empower your clients to achieve their career goals- while making money.
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Streamline Resume and Cover Letter Creation

Automated Customization: Quickly generate tailored resumes and cover letters that meet specific job descriptions, saving you time and improving client satisfaction.

Keyword Optimization: Our tools analyze job listings and optimize application documents for keywords, significantly increasing your clients' chances of getting noticed by employers and beating the ATS.
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Increase Client Success Rates

Advanced Insights: Utilize our analytics to understand industry trends and guide your clients towards opportunities that best match their skills and career aspirations.

Empower Clients: Provide your clients with modern job-seeking tools that increase their autonomy and confidence in their job search.
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Generate additional revenue by referring new users to JoyJobs.ai.
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Receive comprehensive training and continuous support to ensure you maximize the benefits of our tools for your clients.
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