Are You Looking for Jobs in All the Wrong Places?

John St. John | April 2024

No, We Are Not Talking About Job Boards

I don't mean job boards, but industries.

Do you know some industries have a job surplus? Well, imagine your optimized, ATS-friendly resume entering a low-competition talent pool.

Sound good?

Read on.

The Data Doesn't Lie

The U.S. is experiencing a 3.9% national unemployment rate and a labor shortage.

U.S. Chambers of Commerce made this statements about the U.S. labor shortages in key industries:

  • "Even if every unemployed worker were to fill an open job within their respective industry, there would still be millions of unfilled job positions, highlighting the widespread labor shortage."

  • The industries with lower-than-average unemployment rates have fewer experienced candidates to choose from when filling their job openings. This situation leads to heightened competition among businesses in these industries as they vie for the limited pool of available talent.

If you've been searching for a job and are coming up empty, go where the demand is red hot!

Try researching employers affected by their labor shortage and matching your skillset.

You might say, "I've been responding to job postings and have had no luck?"

What to Do about "Low Response Rates"

If your job strategy has been ineffective for months, it's time to change it.

However, checking other industries may be insufficient if your resume and online profile repel recruiters, hiring managers, and connections from helping you.

A poor resume has a profound impact on everything it touches.

A poor resume will be auto-rejected from an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The ATS is a resume scanner, analyzer, and review software that acts as a gatekeeper for the recruiter.

We can help you optimize your resume and turn your resume liability into a powerful ally in your quest for a new or better job.

Resume Help is Here

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