How to Use AI in Your Job Search

John St. John | April 2024
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Generative AI: Term Reaches Peak Popularity

Did you know the term "Generative AI" reached peak popularity worldwide between February 2022 and February 2023?

According to statistics powerhouse Statistia, they explain how peak popularity is determined:

Numbers represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart for the given region and time.  A value of 100 is the peak popularity for the term.  A value of 50 means that the term is half as popular.  A score of 0 means there was not enough data for this term.

Generative AI scored 100 worldwide!

AI won a popularity contest, but is it really that important?

AI is Important with Far Reaching Impacts Globally

Artificial intelligence is a hot and essential topic for most industries.

According to Forbes Advisor

As reported by Grand View Research, AI continues to revolutionize various industries, with an expected annual growth rate of 37.3% between 2023 and 2030.  This rapid growth emphasizes the increasing impact of AI technologies in the coming years.

It is a hot topic in the career development industry, especially for career searchers, coaches, and career search AI developers like (read more about them at the end of this article).

AI is a Career Search "Force Multiplier." 

I see AI as a career search force multiplier.

What is a force multiplier

"Although the term force multiplier originated in military science to explain how a combination of certain factors can help accomplish greater feats than would occur without them, this concept can be applied to many areas of life, especially in the business world."

How is AI a Force Multiplier for Career Searchers?  

Career searchers have the motivation, job/career orientation, and basic skills needed for a career move. 

However, the new career search landscape has changed for career searches on the employers' side:

  • Greater emphasis is placed on meeting a hidden criteria for keywords and weighting those keywords as Hard, Soft, or Other skills.
  • Leveraging Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), screening resumes below the 80% match threshold to trigger an interview request.
  • Recruiters spend 6 – 60 seconds on resumes forwarded by the ATS.
  • Automation inviting qualified interviewees.
  • Automation sending canned rejection letters with no interview feedback.

With additional employer-side rigor, career seekers are seeing a substantial increase in their levels of effort multiplying.

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500 Applications is the New Normal (Or more)

For example, you must tailor each resume for each employer.  

That sounds great, in theory, but it is impractical without significant help.

According to Forbes, most people will apply for 500 jobs or more.

Do the math.

Manually re-writing, updating, keyword searching, and cohesively integrating those keywords can take hours, days, and weeks with the wash, rinse, and repeat of it all.

Resume and Cover Letter AI to the Rescue 

Doing everything yourself can cause burnout, but what else can you do? 

You could use Resume AI to level the playing field, get noticed, and get more interviews.

Imagine finding the perfect job description and uploading the description (cut and paste description, requirements, education, and more) into the Resume AI browser.  Then, watch your customized, ATS-ready resume and cover letter emerge in seconds:

  • 1 Comprehensive scoreboard displaying how your resume was enhanced and how enhancements impacted your ATS Score.
  • 20 seconds between uploading content and having a customized resume and cover letter.
  • On average, 29 new keywords are added to each resume (drives hiring ranking with ATS).
  • 170 ATS upgrades are made on aver to land more interviews


It would help if you had AI that adapts to the AI and automation on the employer's side.  Forget about hours, weeks, and months getting it wrong when AI lightens your load and gets it right more often than wrong. 


Did you know that Resume AI can help you with your job search, specifically resume and cover letter optimization? created a proprietary software, "Resume AI, " which does job search heavy lifting for you.

Resume AI allows you to upload job description text and compare your resume with it, then create a keyword-optimized resume and cover letter designed to be more ATS-friendly!

Based on your uploaded job description and resume, Resume AI generates a mission statement demonstrating how well you fit the role!

Before reaching a recruiter, the AI-generated resume and cover letter are optimized for ATS resume checkers, resume analyzers, and final resume reviews. 

If you are unclear about your career path, has another tool that helps you explore your career path.

Start a Free Trial Today!

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