Accessing Higher States of Consciousness

Cory Mazure | 19 Mar, 2023

When do you feel like your best self? Do you find it while you are painting, dancing, or while giving a big presentation? What you may have realized is that depending on the activity you are doing, you experience reality differently. Why is this the case? We are the same person, and yet certain activities bring out of us a different expression of self, primarily driven by emotions which cascade into an altered mindset. The person you are at work vs the person you are taking to your grandma is completely different. The environment encourages you to behave a certain way. It will bring out of you a perspective and a mode of operation which should serve you to perform best for the given scenario. 

Unfortunately for us, a lot of the world has been set up to place us in an undesirable state of consciousness. Some bad actors have become aware of how easy it is to manipulate someone's conscious experience, and are using powerful stimuli to control the masses. We have been in a state of hypnosis by large corporations who are trying to control the culture to perpetuate unhealthy habits to keep you in a compromised state, never truly gaining autonomy over the self. They have crafted stimulus which is so powerful that a majority of people are helpless in the presence of it. Fast food, nicotine, pornography, and social media are all so powerful they lead us into indulgence, where we become sedated and distracted from our great aims. 

We are in a battle against those who wish to exploit human consciousness for short term profit, and our tool in this fight is our own conscious awareness. Today we will raise our self awareness over the fact that everything we do is a fluctuation in consciousness, and just how powerful your emotions are changing your perspective. Once we accept this, we will explore how the various emotionally driven modes of consciousness are more, or less, valuable to us on our journey throughout life. By the end, I hope you are armed with some tools to push yourself towards the desirable states of consciousness, and away from the control of others. 

To begin, we must lay some groundwork. If you have read my material before, you should be familiar with my opinion that we all should have something we are striving towards achieving. Hopefully you have your own goals and aspirations in life. If you do, you probably have recognized that you often struggle to take action on them. It can be incredibly frustrating to know what it is you must do, and not have the motivation to act upon it. It is a continuous battle, but once you understand what enhances and takes away from motivation, you will be armed to act upon your intentions more effortlessly. 

If you find yourself struggling to make progress, you should be comforted by the fact that anything that is worth doing requires energy to start. This is activation energy. The more meaningful an action is, the more activation energy will be required to actualize yourself into that behavior. This is simply the way it has to be. The universe is set up this way to ensure only those who are powerful enough to raise their energy are worthy enough to reap the benefits of their intentions. It prevents people with low awareness and selfish intentions from doing too much damage to the world. Everyone has an intention for a better life. Everyone wants great health, wealth and relationships. We all have thoughts in our minds which we want to actualize. If we actualize these thoughts, we will become closer to living out our higher self. We all have these thoughts, and yet most people fail to bring them into reality. The reason why is because most people have a gap between their intention, and the energy in their system to activate it. To help you absorb this point, we are going to have to get a little bit abstract, but hopefully you are able to follow along. 

It is my belief that how powerful of a being you are is dictated by your ability to convert immaterial thoughts into a material action, in as little time as possible. Look at religious texts. Christians believe that as God exercised thought, the universe was made. The most powerful being in existence, God, is so powerful because he has the ability to convert thought into material immediately. Even if you are not religious, you should be able to see the message here. There may not be a being this powerful, but consider this concept on a spectrum with the idea of God being the most powerful. Now let's bring it back to more practical examples. Think about the people throughout history who we have the most respect for. They all had some sort of a vision, an intention for the world, which came out of their own original thoughts. Not only did they have this vision, but they held the ability to bring it into reality. MLK Jr. not only had a dream for civil rights, but he also helped change the world to make it a reality. Elon Musk had the intention to make rockets reusable, and also backed up that thought with making it a reality. Steve Jobs thought of a future where everyone would have a computer in their pocket, and backed up that intention with the creation of a material product, the iphone. All these great visionaries are respected not only because of their ability to dream big, but also act upon their dreams, and materialize the immaterial thought faster than others. I am sure that others had the same idea as Steve Jobs, but they were not as powerful as he is because of the timeline between thinking a good thought and making a great action. 

At a high level view of life, this is the closest thing I have found to truth. We are in a position where we have god-like abilities. We can exercise critical thought, and act upon it to change the world around us. To our knowledge, no other species has this power. The problem with the modern day is so many people feel powerless. They have a dream, but have no energy in their system to actualize their thoughts, and change the world around them. If you want to break free from being a victim to the world around you, you must determine how to raise yourself into a higher state of consciousness, which is associated with an energy state.   

What do I mean by a higher state of consciousness? Let's think of our consciousness like a speedometer. There are low and high expressions of consciousness, and your current position is dictated by a needle. You can analyze your current position by raising your self awareness of how energized you are, which is controlled by the emotion you are feeling. Remember, emotion is energy in motion. If you are possessed by negative emotions such as fear, guilt, and shame, your needle will be pointing to the left on the low energy state. When we experience positive emotions such as love, acceptance, and joy, we exist in a high energy state. The energy state of our body is largely responsible for the materialization of our thoughts into actions. If you are in a low energy state, you will struggle to actualize any of your intentions, as you have no activation energy. 

As you can see, conscious awareness of our emotions is an important step to achieving our goals. Not only that, but the emotion we are feeling will control the amount of energy in our system, and dictate how we choose to behave upon our intentions. It will pull you towards the actualization of your higher self, or down into unfulfillment and further negative emotion.  

The energy in our system truly is the secret to self actualization. You may have the conscious intention to do something, but if you have too low of energy in your system, you do not have the activation energy required to overcome the friction that is present. 

By existing in a high energy state, you have more activation energy and can power through the adversity around you. You will be able to act upon your conscious intention more often, and in doing so, continue to energize your system. In the end, you will be closer to exercising your god-like abilities and compress the timeline between a good intention, and expressing that through action. 

You might be making sense, but you are probably struggling on understanding how to turn this dial out of low energy, and into high energy. As I mentioned, you must first recognize the state in which your body is in. With this awareness, you can utilize a few tools to move yourself into a higher energy state. 

Before I cover these tools, a word of caution. You must be careful with what stimulus you associate with providing positive emotion, and raising your energy state. A beneficial stimulus adds net energy to your system. Pay close attention to my wording here, net energy. Oftentimes we will get confused by stimulus which we perceive to add immediate energy to our system, and forget the fact that later it takes more away than was gained. Consider a stimulus like cocaine. It certainly will add energy to your system immediately. You may say for this it must be beneficial! But this is not the case when you look at the big picture. It adds energy to your system immediately, but it promotes negative emotion behavior, which spirals us into low energy states overtime. We experience a peak in energy but drag the following day, regretting the decision to consume the substance and ending with a net negative energy balance. 

Hopefully this makes sense to you. Cocaine is a great example because of how high the peaks are, and how low the valleys can be. But this holds true for every day stimulus you engage with. Caffeine, fast food, pornography, etc. They might raise your energy upon consumption, but ultimately through you into a lower net energy state. Recognize in your own life what stimulus you are engaging in, and how they influence your energy upon consumption and throughout the day. This simple exercise will do wonders to changing your lifestyle. Once you recognize what a stimulus is actually doing to your energy, you will become far more motivated to remove it from your life. 

Now that we have that out of the way you are probably wondering what helps positively influence your emotions, and therefore your behavior? From person to person, what helps move the needle the most might be different, but as a generality, there are a few activities that I engage in consistently when I desire to increase my energy. This could be an entire article in and of itself, so I am going to simply cover a high level overview of the behaviors, and it will be your responsibility to try to incorporate them into your own life. For starters, you have to begin treating your body better. Your body is the vehicle for your energy. We build up energy blockers by getting poor sleep, eating bad foods, and not exercising enough. These three pillars of physical health (sleep, nutrition, and fitness) can truly account for 80% of the gains you need in physical energy. Sparing you the technical mumbo jumbo, they all release feel good chemicals in the brain and promote positive emotion. You will have the energy to accomplish your goals by sleeping right, eating a balanced diet, and moving your body. 

In addition to these physical tips, there are also a great deal of mental exercises which alter your energy state. Oftentimes we exist in a low energy state because of an unresolved conflict in the mind. Throughout our lives, we are subjected to a multitude of experiences which you may deem to be uncomfortable. When we fail to come to peace and accept what has happened to us, our minds continue to battle these conflicts. Failing to come to peace with our past leads to negative emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, etc. We can quickly begin to feel like a victim because of some unfortunate traumatic experience. To overcome these painful memories, no longer letting them spiral us into negative emotion, we must devote ourselves to inner work practices like meditation. Depending on how traumatizing of a background you have, you may need to seek external help through a qualified therapist. Regardless if you choose to see a professional or not, you must realize that a therapist will never solve your problems, they are there to facilitate you solving your own problems. The only real change comes from inside. Others can help you speed the process up with the appropriate questioning, but change will only come from within yourself. The best way I have found to identify these unpleasant past experiences is through solitude and meditation. Take time to journal about your life and look within your mind. It might be scary what you find, but if you are able to confront it, you will become better for it. By accepting our past we can overcome another blocker to our energy and become closer to actualizing our true potential. 

There are many more tips I could give you, but in all honesty, it is not about doing more complex exercises. If you want to see real change, you need to commit to the fundamentals. If you dedicated the next month to prioritizing your physical and mental health, your energy will be dramatically higher. It is not rocket science, and yet so many of us still struggle to even act in these 4 categories of sleep, nutrition, fitness, and meditation. If your activation energy is so low that you can not convince yourself to do any of the behaviors suggested above, it is because your current behaviors are perpetuating low energy. The only path forward for you is to raise your self awareness over your current lifestyle and reflect on what raises or lowers your energy state. 

Not to beat a dead horse, but you need to understand your current emotional state through a self awareness practice. Once you understand your current state, then you can reach into your toolbox to adjust your state, allowing you to accomplish that which you intend. I firmly believe that all of this starts with self awareness. You must recognize the gap between your current energy, and the energy state you must exist in to do your best work. We know we perform at our best when we are high energy and able to narrow that energy into a specific activity. Realize when you are not in a desired state and begin turning these levers. 

Good luck to you in your pursuit of actualizing your intentions. I trust that this knowledge will serve you well, and if you desire to have a more detailed discussion regarding how to make the quickest progress on altering your energy state, I am offering a free strategy session covering just that:

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